Mission Time In Cebu

Thursday, October 20, 2011

August 23rd

Well....I have some requests...can you email chels and see if she ever got my letter? I dunno if it was the right address. also, can you send some more little book of mormons....by the way is sister honey back in Bogo?

As for my week. Wow, we are having revolutionary changes in our mission and we get to be a part of it. :) I am so excited. First of all my trainee is awesome, she is from Mindanao and We have a lot of fun, sister Schmutz said we're a good match b/c we're both pretty spunky..haha..I have fun with her b/c sometimes her visaya is mixed with tagalog and the visaya is different here so she is learning vocabulary from me. She spoke in zone conf and I just felt like a proud mother..haha.. .there is a new training program and this is the first time this has been done, first transfer ever and I got to go to Cebu and we were all trained last friday on how to use this new program. I saw E. Banzon he said he wrote you so you need to write him back. E. Johnson is training also so he was there. We got our new dvd players to use in our companionship study. But this means I will be training for 12 weeks, and we have to have this 2 hour study everyday, its intense. They are supposed to be soo well trained they could be able to train after 12 weeks. I'll be in Bohol for 6 months yay!!! Prez. Schmutz said trainers are the most important calling in the mission,..so I feel a large burden on my shoulders, but this is exactly what I needed, there is like a new spirit in me and our lessons, I am really trying to improve as a missionary and I feel so privileged to be a part of this new program that will just up the skills of missionaries soo much more, meaning so many souls will accept the gospel.

So we have had an AMAZING week. S. C's husband who was at first against the church is now super interested in the church AND listening and reading our assignments. We asked him how his testimony is and he said its still not there yet BUT yesterday we went back and he now has a testimony and wants to be BAPTIZED this year. He even prayed about that when he said the closing prayer he asked for help. SO yes wedding bells and overflowing of our baptismal font will probably be happening in October!!!! YAY! S. E is still working with B. E. so that they can be married and be baptized, also this October :) Families :) I am soo excited, we have just been having absolutely incredible lessons, and found a ton of new investigators. We have been soo guided by the spirit. And B. Armando was confirmed a member of the church!! aghh he is amazing!!! He wants to go spread the Gospel to all his family, and we are working with him to go do baptisms for the dead for his family in September. I love working, I love working hard, I love coming in soo exhausted I can hardly walk or think. No i have not had a day in the mission I can regret and day I didn’t give my all. I am not perfect, I am soooo far from perfect, BUT I have had a PERFECT mission.

By the way we do this thing called spirit animals in the mission Elder Pasikala is a Panda. I got mine today in zone conference I'm a lynx. haha. Zone Conference was great, I received soo much revelation as always....I feel as I'm coming to the down slope in my mission, I have soo much more to work on. The time is far spent there is little remaining....I feel I am just FIGHTINg a losing battle with time. 24 hours a day is soo short and I have so much more to do, so much more to improve, so many more miracles to witness, so much more bisdak to become....tick tock all the time....ughh. I was thinking the testimony of Ammon about how he is nothing without God and he doesn’t boast in himself but only in his God, I feel that soo much. I love the stories from the scriptures especially about alma and the sons of mosiah...they speak my feelings a lot better than I can, Love the book of Mormon. I'm gonna challenge you guys every week. Buhaton be ninyo nga read the book of mormon and pray as a family every day this week? I know that you will receive revelation as a family, feel closer to me, and everyone will be able to overcome your trials and temptations this week. Just remember that is one of the most exciting things for me to come home too. I don’t care about movies, music I want to be with the family and make our home a little piece of heaven. Our home is next place to heaven on earth after the temple. So if you want me to adjust to coming home start making it a heavenly place for me now. I am just fattening you up with all my cheesiness and I’m sorry but I have seen miracles on my mission from family prayer and doing the basics is very special to me. I love you all.....carry on!! carry on!

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