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Thursday, October 20, 2011

July 26th ~ "Trunky Letter", but I'm NOT Trunky

Oh my lice is basically gone mom, dont worry, I have thinner hair but Im not too worried about it and I have a rash on my arms but no scaring, and my face is fine, completely clear....so DONT WORRY....hehe. I am healthy as ever so dont worry :) and my hair will grow back...its not THAT thin, im just an exaggerator...haha...and theres always the resurrection.

oh by the way, I got my trunky letter...my date is decemeber 22 and I marked you three will be picking me up so you should get a packet soon....you can call (801)240-5111 to coordinate flight plans. trunky na ko!

I got a letter from chels...you can send her my weekly emails too so she knows how im doing. miss her, shes awesome

so this week has been AMAZING!!!! Can you say miracles??? I mean I am still amazed...so lets start out with the letter I received. All of my converts are super active in Mabolo, B. Jesus just got called to be ward mission leader!! Apparently he is on fire!! Delia is a relief society teacher and in the presidency...can you believe that???? My converts, not even a year baptized, I feel like a proud mommy. As for calape....I cant even believe Heavenly Fathers love for us!! We found two super claro investigators one that will be baptized in august and we had TWELVE!!!!!!! yes 12 investigators come to church last Sunday, we couldn’t even fit them all in our classes, everyone was sooooo amazed. Usually we only have about 50-60 people come to church but last week we had 100+ can you believe that??? I was almost in tears I was overjoyed.

The ward members are starting to love the sisters...yes were probably aren’t as much fun but through hard work and obedience there are miracles. Our golden family is doing wonderful, super progressing and went to church and sister Cecil, who dropped us last week b/c her husband was angry she was listening to us came to church with her 3 incredibly cute kids. She dropped us and after praying and discussing it we went back, testified to her and told her to talk to her husband again, she told me while I was sitting next to her in sacrament with a huge smile on her face, her husband is ok now with her being taught!! can you say miracle again??

I am incredibly humbled and in love with this work, I don’t know how I can go back to normal life. I received three letters from my recent converts and those are my most cherished possessions. These emails don’t even do justice to all my stories and I have many more I haven’t been able to explain to you until you get home. There’s stuff that I am waiting to tell you in person and I only want to tell you my family....the mission is amazing. Incredible, I feel like a soldier of the lord walking in the jungles and streets of the Philippines. There is something different about life here, this is reality this is eternity for me. and I am incredibly blessed. Our members told us they have never seen this progress happen before they have never even seen that close to many investigators in church....what a miracle....i believe in miracles, and mom I don’t know but I really have been having a strong feeling I should go to Oregon and visit your family after the mission, also I would love to live with Courtney but I wanna be at home for 1 -2 months there’s something I wanna do. Also, mom you need to call BYU and tell them I wont be going back until summer, will you do that for me or i might have to reapply. I love you this work is true, there can be miracles when you believe...haha. prince of egypt.

Carry on!!

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