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Friday, October 21, 2011

September 7th ~ Food Poisoning and a Baptism

Summer is over.....well its christmas time here, its starts in september here. So we were rockin out to jingle bells during our companionship study....haha our neighbors our soo loud.

as for my sick episode after my email, I ran out of the computer shop and sat on the floor, i kind of created a crowd b/c im an american and all and elder pasikala tried to convince me to get up and take the 1 hour bus ride home, but that just seemed terrible. after some convincing I got up and just as we got to the street by the tricycles and bus i threw up three times in the middle of the street in front of everyone. the elders really have seen the most beautiful sides of me here in the philippines...we were laughing. well i took the most miserable hot bumpy. crowded bus ride home, ran off the bus and threw up three more times. Then I threw up the rest of the day laying on the bathroom floor until I finally gave in and called the strouds. They were so kind and brought me medicine and ice packs and gave me a blessing, i continued to throw up the whole night, wishing i could just die and then woke up the next morning and went to work. I was super weak and everyone thought I was crazy, but I knew I would go crazy if i stayed in bed, when I should be out working. Sister stroud brought over icecream, and I am soo thankful for my mission parents that just live down the street. Yes so that is the third food poisoning I have had like that in the philippines, its the most brutal sickness I have had, I thought I would lose my insides, but im ok and happy now. Thankful to be done with that...

Well as you have probably already figured out, my mission is CRAZY!! Our investigators...haha...well lets just say things might be getting complicated but I cant talk about it until after my mission.....just wait for these stories. We are really working on finding new investigators and are really working hard...very hard. We went to a leadership training with pres. schmutz and did a mock branch council, soo much progress from that. Our branch is really improving and I think they are learning to love the sisters....I know they miss the elders before that just liked to "hang out" but I finally told one of the members that that is not true love. we arent here to "play around" yes we love to have fun and I think sister bosio and I have the work hard and play hard thing down, but we are showing our love for this area by putting in our heart and soul to the work. Cause we love them. Yesterday we walked around for over 2 hours just no one being home or having time to talk to us (chels, i understand....its hard) especially in the heat...and you know what maybe I wont see a ton of baptisms in my time here in calape but I am working so that one day it will be a missionaries miracle area. I love it here, everything about being here. I think of leaving all this and it makes me super emotional. I love everything about being a missionary, putting that name tag on in the morning, and walking the streets, looking for those prepared souls.

By the way we had an amazing baptism, Dominic was soo cute, I love that family! We are really working with them to get his dad baptized now so that their family is complete. They went to church even though they only had 10 pesos and might have to walk which their house is like probably over 6 miles away. Well padyon...I would LOVE to teach Young womens if they want mission stories every sunday about machetes, shootings, cock fights, balut, jungles, and islands of people that have never before seen a white person, then yes I will teach, but I will also teach about the most important things,,,the atoning love of our savior and the love of our heavenly father for every single one of his children,,,

carry on!

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