Mission Time In Cebu

Friday, October 21, 2011

September 28th

Wow...everyone and their moms are getting married....

So this week once again, LOTS of rejection and problems, I feel a huge weight on my shoulders, that’s the problem when you have learned to love and care about the salvation of others soo much!! Well first I will start with Transfer call....E. Pasikala, is transfering to negros.....very sad, but expected. E Winmill (you used to write his mom when he was ZI in the mtc, he’s my older batch) is AP, and E. Banzon who is my favorite filipino elder will be in our zone and training!!! yay!! We gave the Strouds spirit animals today and sister bosio. S. stroud is a dolphin, e. stroud is a elk and s. bosio is a meerkat... so ya were strange. I’m of course staying in Calape for at least one more transfer, I might die here, which would be ok, b/c we are having AMAZING progress!!! we had over 100 ppl at church and when we first got here we had only had about 50 or 60!! AHHH!!! amazing....we just need to get the baptisms going. E is doing better she received a blessing this last week, and she’s starting to really listen to the promptings of the spirit, BUT it might be a LONG time before she gets baptized, which is ok as long as it happens. We have a TON of problems with our other investigators, one being persecuted a ton by her family, and all this gossip and blah blah blah, you probably don’t care. I know one day Calape we be a miracle area, I love it here and we're really seeing this branch grow strong and then the baptisms will follow. We had a CSP where we cleaned by the ocean, kind of lame but we ate a ton of coconut and the rainstorms are CRAZY here, I got a little video of it.

So I’m feeling really good about my decisions when I come home, I think I’m allowed to register myself just find out what the date is for me, also....I do really need to start finding a place to live, it NEEDS to be cheap, AND I want to take a tagalog class, beginning...and I need to find out how to take the tests for my cebuano language so I can get credits for that. I think e. banzon wrote you did you get it?

Well...that’s about it...nothing too exciting, I have the best daughter ever on the mission, I keep teaching her hot rod phrases and quotes in english and its super funny, we have a ton of fun. We are really tracting and she is excited to do everything, wow I am getting old on the mish but I’m not getting trunky, my goal is to continue the pace I was on when I was new and I haven’t slowed down yet!! and I never will!!! I love my mission and everything about it!! This church is soo true....love you!!!

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