Mission Time In Cebu

Friday, October 21, 2011

September 14 ~ Following the Spirit ~ Harvesting Rice and Souls

So I know how Chels is feeling, we have had a TON of rejection this week. But, I always am somewhat thankful for it b/c it really makes the miracles even more miraculous. We have really learned to appreciate even the little successes. We have had such a success with bringing people back to church, and saw a family come back to church after being inactive for 5 years. They are soo much happier now and you see the spirit has really entered their home. We also met an American that lives here and has been inactive for over 20 years!! We sent the strouds to him and will see what happens. He is super nice and would be a HUGE asset to the branch. He has an interesting story, he was in the Navy for over 20 years and his dad was excommunicated...we’re trying to dig further on that the iceberg is that stopped him from going to church...oh and...So our little family, from the island in the middle of the rice field came to church!! We were soo excited, they really want to learn more and we’re helping them harvest rice this friday....Speaking of harvesting rice, I was in the middle of inviting this whole group of people to church while they were harvesting rice and I told them I wanted to try so just imagine a sister missionary, in her skirt out in the middle of the rice field with a knife harvesting some strangers rice. lets just say they all got a kick out of it.

So we get to go to cebu tomorrow for training,...im excited, see the temple again. I feel like i have just been in the middle of nowhere forever.....im struggling not giving everything I own to these people, these people here have nothing and the hardest mission rule is not just giving money to everyone. We had one family who is really struggling so we bought over 70 bananas from them and then brought over a chicken to eat with them so they could have a little enjoyment in their life. Now we have over 70 bananas to eat...haha. As for the packages mom, don’t worry...I don’t need much, I just like receiving things to give to people....and I totally can relate to feeling like Alma the Younger, I never believed how weak I was before and how much I lacked in faith. and yes I still have a LONG way to go, I still mess up and I am nothing without the Lord.

We have this one investigator, she new but awesome. I’ll start from the beginning...I remember a while back I felt this strong feeling to teach this family that lives by one of our investigators. We taught them,,, and nothing came from it. They weren’t interested, and it all kind of lead to a dead end. Well I kept wondering, why did I feel like I needed to teach them, they definitely weren’t what you would call a golden family....well last week, when we went to one of the member’s house they said that they had someone that wanted to listen to us. We went to this lady’s house, her name is ann. and we asked why she wanted to listen to us, she said well she had seen us passing by each week and then saw us teach her family, but didn’t have time to listen at that time, and she was super interested in our message and curious what we were teaching her family. So what do you know? her family was that family that I felt impressed to teach!! You never know why the spirit is telling you to do things, or what the plan of the lord is...but that is why you need to be obedient, b/c the Lord really does work in mysterious ways!! She is an amazing investigator and even has talked to her husband and he said it’s okay if she continues to listen and learn and we’re going to try to teach him too!! I am soo thankful for the spirit, and its guidance, and I know what you mean by I still have a long way to go...I am an imperfect missionary but I know the Lord is molding me. Well that’s all for now...hope my letter makes sense, yes my english sucks, I know...

carry on!

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