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Thursday, October 20, 2011

August 2, 2011 ~ New Senior Couple

Oh wow....what another week. So we had the new senior couple finally arrive and we had a huge district welcome party for them. It was fun and soo funny. Talk about old tatays doing a drama with old music playing in the background., soo funny. And there was this little cute innocent 11 or 12 year old girl that sang this song and the lyrics were super dirty...haha!! as in!! and it was hilarious b/c no one understood except for us americans so Elder Pasi and I were cracking up and no one had any idea why....i know we’re missionaries but I still got a little devilishness in me...is that bad?? haha.

The Strouds (senior couple) are amazing, we are working with them right now with some really great big plans for the whole Bohol Island I think it will be revolutionary for the church here. E. Stroud has been a seminary teacher for years and years so he is an expert about doctrine so we have gone over there a couple times to just discuss about things like signs of the second coming and doctrine with him, its our missionary fun and its in air con.
I guess were connected all the way across the world, b/c we have rats too. but whatever, I dont even care anymore when I see a nasty little critter. and we were supposed to cook and eat a dog today, but we didn’t find one so dont worry. And dont worry I have GOALS...first of all to whip you all in shape...of course. Second to work with missionaries, I wanna be their best helper and also I NEED to go to Portland I feel that I don’t know exactly why but I just feel it. And I need to be with the family

....by the way I have NO lice, just some dead eggs, but they are all dead I have been about lice free for a month...so DONT WORRY. I am healthy and happy.

We had 6 investigators attend church, two will be baptized next week and we’re having some good progress with our other investigators. We had an intense lesson with Elai (wife in the Golden family) she wants to be baptized but she needs to get married first, which is hard here b/c no one has money and its expensive. So were gonna try to find a way to help but she needs to save the money on her own...although its like one $20 for me...they need to sacrifice, but its hard not to just give the money. You don’t need to talk to Pres. Schmutz just do it all through what I told you, you should get a package about it. Whatever you guys want to do, I dont want to force anything.

Sister honey emailed me and I cant email back....tell her I miss her a ton!! I loved our times in Bogo...SOOO FUN!!! and mom if you just want to come to Philippines...we can have a special mommy daughter date in the phils. But up to you, whatever you guys want. If not Im just excited to be home for christmas, by the way I probably wont see any of those elders, Im in the middle of bukid no wheresville so theres lots of friends from the mission I wont see again, which kind of sucks

Well I love this gospel....my investigators are progressing soo much, there is soo much progress here I am just in awe, I love life. I love my mission, Now let us rejoice!!! I love the scriptures studying them has just opened my eyes to things I couldn’t have even imagined before. I have set goals and made plans for when I get home. I wanna run a race with dad, so he better get in shape, oh and he better grow the moustache back....you guys are just changing to much for me,,, I cant handle it...haha.

Love you, stop growing up...im exactly the same, I thought was supposed to come home changed not you guys....grrr

Carry on!

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