Mission Time In Cebu

Thursday, October 20, 2011

August 9th

Aloha from Bohol,

So life is good, always having fun and working hard. We have a baptism this Saturday and President Schmutz is going to attend so it has to be good. He super awesome, His name is Armando and he is the husband of one of the members, at first he was always busy so it was hard to teach him, but we were very persistent and now hes awesome, and after his interview our district leader elder surio said...hes an awesome investigator and is probably a future district president!!! yes!!

We have district conference this week and Im excited, but that means little time for work. We’re having fun with the senior couple...but we’ve definitely have had some hardships this week. Our investigator D who was doing super awesome, had given up drinking and was slowly giving up smoking had a HUGE downfall. When we first met him, he had run away from home b/c he was fighting with his wife. They were always fighting and there was a dark spirit in their home. I never liked to go over there b/c their was always contention, But then he slowly gained a testimony. Came to church every week, was always smiling, awesome spirit in their home...and then BAM....he hit rock bottom. He started drinking with his friends again, and his wife was crying. We had FHE over there with the senior couple, and we saw D walking away from his house, he was completely drunk...slurring his speech and saying, his wife is a big fat liar. Elder Stroud wanted me to translate and I told him what he said, and he is like this is when you do what E. Holland said and feel DEVESTATED. Well I’ve been heart Broken over it....just completely ripped my heart out of my chest, BUT we taught him yesterday and he seemed better....please pray for him. But on a good note, sister E paid tithing!!! YES we were soo excited and we just keep seeing miracles here.

Transfer week is next week and HOPEFULLY I WILL NOT BE TRANSFERRED!! But I think I will, I just have a feeling cause its s. Manarins last transfer next transfer and I doubt she transfers....Ill cry and be upset and then sing, Ill go where the Lord wants me to go...haha. Ive started to become really old in my old age here in the mish. I just love telling people that as a messenger of the Lord these are promised blessings and you need to change this or this is your consequence.

So Yes I probably don’t want to go back to school until fall, might as well, wait so I can work, make money....So ya lets just do that. Mom stop worrying, I’m healthy, I think. I feel healthy and happy. My hair is growing back I think, I’m just really really white!!!

Love you,

Carry on!

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