Mission Time In Cebu

Thursday, October 20, 2011

July 19, 2011 ~ New Mission President

Thank for the pictures, of Courter, shes soo pretty...her hair is soo long!! Im trying to grow my hair long again, but it is very thin and wont grow...haha. Im losing all my hair its awful but, everything is still worth it :) I actually love living with brown water, cock roaches and rashes, when will I ever be able to experience this again??? I never thought I would say that....so funny some of the elders saw an ipad for the first time, Ive still never seen one, the technology here is like in the 80's so Im gonna come back and just be amazed all the time. Plus we barely have running water and I havent used a shower in ages (especially hot water) haha. I love it though. Sitting on the floor all the time, I feel soo at home here.

But this week has been a little tough. Im not going to believe that Bohol is a harder area then the rest of the mission....I refuse!!! I just keep praying that we will have success and see miracles. I know difficulties are all part of the bigger picture of success. Ya we were dropped by two of our investigators b/c their husbands were angry at them for listening to us. I thought they were really promising. BUT, at least one we’re not gonna give up on, were going to go back again and try to help her. Our Golden family is doing okay...they couldnt come to church, b/c he had work but next time. Hopefully they will continue to progress...keep them in your prayers- Elai and Eddie Boy.

My interview was amazing, President and S. Schmutz are so loving and nice. I love them. I asked about extending though and I got the hint...sister you need to move on...haha. So I guess it will be december na lang when I come home. But Ill be home for christmas......... :) But he did talk to me about training....yikes!!! haha I told him I am up for anything, any area...the "harder" the area the better...:) Its true, Bohol is challenging But I love it b/c it just makes you treasure the successes soo much more. I know I can handle anything after my mission.

We will be having the couple missionaries arrive next week they will be living across the street from us, Im looking forward to fresh baked cookies and american food :) Im sorry but I have lost the little american ettiquette I had before so your all going have to teach me how to eat right again haha. We struggle using the american utensils. Youll have soo much fun making fun of me, especially courtney.

Oh I might not tell about our next pday activity...everyone will hate me especially brooke and grammy...they might cry. Ya remember how you were mad about the pig?

By the way there were other people that were resurrected...for example peter, james john, moroni. Well thats what we think. And I remember adam and eve were resurrected b/c they were describing the bondage they felt when they only had their spirits.

Right now were going to hike the waterfall and river....im excited. This place is beautiful...hopefully you guys can come, even though Im coming home in december. Please tell me yes??

I got two letters that made me cry yesterday, these people are soo special to me. My convert-jessyrine in Bogo is a single mother and she has a little boy named aj and she says he misses me...when he sees my picture he pointes and calls me (titer biton) sooo cute!! I love them I cant even express how much I love these people, especially my converts. I wrote them and told them hopefully you can meet them. Oh and tell chantelle congrats...shell LOVE ASIANS...I know I do! I dont care about all those european countries I just want to explore asia...if you guys come here we need to stop in thailand of tiawan or japan or something.

Well I love you all!! This church is true and I love it, I love bearing my testimony everyday and feeling my saviors love. I cant wait to see you all, I have dreams about hugging all of you especially mom! :)

Carry on!

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